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Reins for Horses - Leather Reins without Stops and Rubber Reins with Keepers


In this category, we offer a wide selection of reins, including the classic leather reins without stops and the innovative rubber reins with keepers. Our carefully chosen products not only ensure optimal control over the horse but also provide maximum comfort and durability.

Leather Reins without Stoppers: Timeless Elegance and First-Class Craftsmanship

The leather reins without stoppers embody traditional equestrian essentials and stand out with their timeless elegance. Crafted from high-quality leather, these reins offer excellent grip and allow the rider direct communication with the horse's mouth. The smooth surface of the leather reins glides gently through the hands, creating a delicate and subtle connection with the horse.

Rubber Reins with Keepers: Flexibility and Precise Control

Rubber reins with keepers represent a modern advancement of the classic reins. These reins feature elastic rubber inserts placed at regular intervals. These rubber inserts not only provide a pleasant flexibility and suspension for the rider but also deliver precise control over the horse's response. The keepers act as guiding points, helping the rider maintain a consistent and balanced hand position. The combination of rubber and keepers makes these reins particularly favored by sports and dressage riders who highly value refined aids and precise communication.

Quality and Selection for Discerning Riders

Our reins category offers a broad range of options to cater to the individual requirements and preferences of every rider. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of leather reins or wish to experience the modern innovation of rubber reins with keepers, you will find high-quality products that meet the highest standards with us. Our reins are crafted by renowned manufacturers with a long tradition in equestrian equipment production. They are meticulously tested for quality and durability, ensuring you an exceptional riding experience.

Be Enchanted by the Classic Elegance of Leather Reins without Stops or the Advanced Technology of Rubber Reins with Keepers. Whether you're a leisure rider or a competitive equestrian, our selection provides you with the opportunity to find the perfect reins for precise communication and a harmonious connection with your horse. Explore our products and discover the ideal complement to your riding equipment.