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Neck Covers for Horses: Protection for the Sensitive Neck Area


Neck covers for horses are important pieces of equipment that serve to protect the horse's sensitive neck area and provide comfort. There are different types of neck covers that can be selected depending on their intended use and the individual needs of the horse.

Neck covers for protection against cold and weather conditions

Neck covers for horses that are specifically designed for protection against cold and adverse weather conditions are a popular choice for horse owners who keep their animals outdoors during the cold seasons. These neck covers are often made of waterproof and insulating material, which keeps the horse's neck warm and dry. They are ideal for horses that have been clipped in the winter or are sensitive to cold.

Neck covers for protection against insects and sun exposure

Neck covers that protect against insects and sun exposure are particularly essential during the summer months. They are made of a fine-mesh material that prevents flies, mosquitoes, and other insects from penetrating while also shielding the neck from harmful UV radiation. These neck covers are especially suitable for horses with sensitive skin or allergies to insect bites. Each of our fly sheets already includes a neck cover.

Neck covers with cooling effect

Horses are susceptible to overheating, especially in high temperatures or during intense physical activity. Cooling through evaporative cooling helps regulate the horse's body temperature, prevents heat stress, and improves performance. The cooling effect from evaporative cooling maintains the cooling effect for a longer period compared to traditional hosing down. This helps prevent overheating, dehydration, and potential health complications such as heatstroke. That's why we have a special cooling blanket that includes both a neck cover and an additional towel for the horse and rider.