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black leather jumping boots with protection layer and elastic straps and black leather bells boots in a set by sunride boots


Protective Elegance: Premium Horse Jumping Boots


In the world of equestrian sports, horse jumping boots play a crucial role in providing optimal support and protection to horses during demanding show jumping and cross-country courses. These specialized boots have been developed for horses to safeguard their delicate legs from impacts, friction, and injuries while they jump over obstacles or gallop through challenging terrain. Careful selection of high-quality jumping boots is essential to ensure the horse's health and performance.

Innovative Shock Absorption with Integrated Mesh in the Boots

The integration of a shock-absorbing mesh into the boots represents a remarkable innovation that elevates horse protection and performance to a new level. This unique layer of impact-absorbing material cleverly incorporated into the design of the boots offers a multitude of benefits that can be invaluable in demanding show jumping sports. The shock-absorbing property of the mesh acts as an invisible barrier between the horse's legs and the challenges of the course. As the horse jumps over obstacles or gallops on uneven terrain, the impacts and vibrations that occur with each landing are effectively cushioned. This significantly reduces strain on the horse's tendons, ligaments, and joints, minimizing the risk of injury and promoting long-term health. However, the benefits of this shock-absorbing layer extend beyond mere protection. It allows the horse to move more comfortably and smoothly, as it is less affected by the impact of ground contact. This can lead to increased horse confidence, as it can focus on its movements and jumps without being distracted by uncomfortable jolts. This improved freedom of movement, in turn, can enhance the horse's performance and enable it to reach its full potential.

Protection and Functionality

Jumping boots are designed to protect the sensitive areas of a horse's legs, especially the tendons, ligaments, and fetlock joints. During jumping, a horse's hooves can encounter various obstacles, leading to impacts and friction. The boots provide a protective layer to minimize injuries and prevent potential damage. Furthermore, jumping boots can also assist in supporting joint stability and distributing the load on tendons and ligaments, contributing to the horse's overall health and longevity.

Materials and Design

Our modern jumping boots are crafted from high-quality genuine leather, which is both durable and comfortable for the horse. Neoprene on the inside, leather on the outside, and breathable fabric not only offer protection but also allow for good ventilation and moisture regulation, preventing overheating and sweat buildup. The jumping boots are ergonomically shaped to ensure an optimal fit and freedom of movement.

Fit and Application

The proper fit of jumping boots is of utmost importance to ensure the best possible performance and protection for the horse. Ill-fitting boots could cause rubbing or restrict the horse's movement. When putting on the boots, ensure they fit securely but not too tightly to avoid impairing circulation. It is advisable to check the boots for injuries or irritations before and after riding, and to ensure they are properly applied.

Fetlock Boots: Protection and Versatility

In addition to jumping boots, fetlock boots are also an important component of horse protection equipment. These snug protective covers are placed on the horse's hind legs above the fetlock joints to preserve the sensitive area surrounding the fetlock joints from impacts and injuries. Fetlock boots provide additional security during training, especially in disciplines such as jumping, eventing, and cross-country riding, where horses are exposed to different challenges and obstacles. They come in various designs that are durable and easy to maintain. Ensuring the correct fit and proper application of fetlock boots ensures effective protection and contributes to maintaining the horse's health and performance over the long term.

Why Use Jumping Boots? Protection and Performance Enhancement

The use of jumping boots is crucial to ensuring the health and performance of show jumping horses. During jumping training and competition, a horse's legs are subjected to high levels of stress and potential injury risks. The boots offer essential protection against impacts, friction, and other external factors that could jeopardize the sensitive leg areas. Additionally, the boots contribute to stabilizing joints by distributing the load on tendons and ligaments. This not only promotes the horse's physical well-being but can also help strengthen the rider's confidence, as they feel more secure knowing their four-legged partner is well-protected. Ultimately, jumping boots play a central role in creating an optimal environment for both horse and rider to achieve peak performance in demanding show jumping sports.

Cleaning and Caring for Genuine Leather Fetlock Boots and Jumping Boots

Cleaning and caring for genuine leather fetlock boots and jumping boots are essential to maintaining the longevity and appearance of these high-quality pieces of equipment. To remove dirt, sweat, and moisture, begin by gently wiping with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid excessive soaking of the leather, as this could lead to deformations. After cleaning, allow the leather to dry, but avoid direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent cracking. Regular application of leather care products is essential to preserve the suppleness and lifespan of the leather. Use specialized leather care products that are free from harsh chemicals and provide moisture to the leather without weighing it down. Gently rubbing the care products with a soft cloth allows the leather to absorb nutrients and maintain its natural beauty. This should be done at regular intervals, depending on the intensity of use and environmental conditions. To preserve the shape and fit of genuine leather fetlock boots and jumping boots, it is advisable to clean and dry them after use before storing. An airy and dry location is best to prevent mold growth. Additionally, it is recommended to regularly inspect the plastic components of the boots, such as buckles or Velcro closures, for wear and proper functioning to ensure optimal safety and fit. Through loving and proper care, genuine leather fetlock boots and jumping boots can preserve their elegance and protective properties for many years and reliably serve riders.

Finding the Right Boots for You and Your Horse

Selecting the appropriate boots for you and your horse requires careful consideration of various factors. Firstly, it is important to take into account the specific discipline and training extent in which you and your horse are active. For show jumping and cross-country competitions, jumping boots and fetlock boots made from durable materials that offer comprehensive protection are often the best choice. In dressage or other disciplines that require less intensive movements, lighter boots may suffice. The individual needs of your horse also play a crucial role. If your horse tends to have sensitive fetlock joints, specialized fetlock boots or fetlock caps may be wise to protect this area. The size and fit of the boots are also of great importance. Boots that are too tight could affect circulation and cause movement restrictions, while boots that are too loose may not provide the necessary protection. Consider material preferences and maintenance requirements as well. Genuine leather boots offer a classic aesthetic and natural breathability.

Jumping boots are essential pieces of equipment in show jumping sports, playing a pivotal role in protecting and supporting horses' legs. Their careful selection, high-quality materials, and proper application are crucial to maintaining horses' health and Performance.