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set of both black under rugs with 150 grams and 300 grams filling compatible with all sunride winter and rain rugs



Horse Underblankets – Flexibility in Changing Weather Conditions


In the world of horse care and management, it is crucial to meet the needs of our noble companions in varying weather conditions. Our horse underblankets offer an innovative solution to protect your beloved animals from the uncertainties of nature. Designed to be used in combination with our proven winter and rain blankets, these underblankets serve as a versatile addition to your horse's equipment.

Versatile Combination Possibilities

Our underblankets are crafted to seamlessly integrate with our winter and rain blankets. Available with a filling of either 150g or 300g, they provide additional insulation to keep your horses warm and cozy. These underblankets can be used individually or in tandem with our other blankets, granting you the flexibility to adapt based on your horse's specific needs and prevailing weather conditions.

Clever Set Offer: Perfectly Prepared for Any Weather

To provide you with the best selection and convenience, we proudly introduce our horse underblankets also in a clever set with our high-quality winter and rain blankets. These practical sets are specially curated to optimally support you in managing all weather conditions.

  • Underblankets in Combination with Winter Blankets:

Our horse underblankets are available in a set that includes both a matching winter blanket and the corresponding underblanket. This set offers you the opportunity to equip your horse with the ideal combination of warmth and protection. The underblanket can easily be placed beneath the winter blanket, providing additional insulation on particularly cold days. This ensures that your horse remains warm even in freezing temperatures.

  • Underblankets in Conjunction with Rain Blankets:

Our clever set option also encompasses underblankets that perfectly match our rain blankets. This set is ideal for shielding your horse from wet and windy conditions. The underblanket can be worn underneath the rain blanket to offer added protection and comfort. This combination is particularly advantageous during unpredictable weather, allowing you to quickly attach the underblanket to the rain blanket to provide your horses with the best possible protection.

The Added Convenience and Choice

With our clever set offerings for underblankets, winter blankets, and rain blankets, we provide you with a comprehensive solution to ensure your horse is well taken care of in any weather. These sets not only save you time in selecting the right combination of blankets but also provide you with the assurance that you always have the perfect gear at hand. Choose the set that best suits your horse's needs and be prepared for all weather conditions – from chilly winter mornings to unforeseen rain showers.

Support in Changing Weather Conditions

Nature can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to changes in weather. Our underblankets are the perfect companion to prepare you optimally for such situations. They enable you to quickly adjust your horse's equipment when weather conditions change. On a cold day, the combination of both underblankets and our winter blanket can offer extra warmth, while on a milder day, using just an underblanket and a top blanket might suffice. This flexibility is invaluable in ensuring your horse's well-being.

Water Resistance and Design

Our horse underblankets are intentionally designed not to be waterproof and should thus always be used with our rain blankets when it's wet. This design promotes better air circulation and breathability. This feature is particularly important to prevent moisture buildup under the blanket, which could lead to skin irritations.

The underblankets from our collection are the result of meticulous planning and high-quality materials. They enable horse owners to adapt flexibly to changing weather conditions while keeping the comfort and health of their animals in mind. With the option to use the underblankets individually or in combination with winter and rain blankets, we provide you with the tools to ensure the best care for your horse – in every weather situation.