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Ride safely, be visible: Discover the future with our LED horse blankets


Welcome to the world of LED-illuminated horse blankets, where safety, innovation, and ultimate comfort go hand in hand. Riding in low-light conditions or near busy streets can be potentially dangerous, both for your beloved horse and yourself as a rider. But now, we present the ultimate solution: our unique LED horse blankets. This revolutionary technology, not yet available in the market, elevates the standards of visibility, protection, and user-friendliness to a whole new level.

Safety comes first

Our innovative horse blankets with integrated LED lighting were designed in compliance with traffic regulations to provide the highest level of protection for your horse. They ensure that your horse remains highly visible even in low-light conditions. The simple operation allows you to conveniently turn the lights on and off while riding. This way, you can rest assured that you will always be well-seen and minimize potential dangers.

The innovative Eremit Battery

The centerpiece of our horse blankets is undoubtedly the innovative Eremit Battery. This battery offers exceptionally long battery life, so you won't have to worry about frequent recharging. You and your horse can be on the go for hours with the lights on. The Eremit Battery features intelligent overheat protection to ensure it never gets too hot and harms your horse. The included charger makes recharging easy, either directly on the battery or via the connector under the zipper without having to remove the blanket.

Reflective elements for added safety

The reflective elements on our LED horse blankets are a thoughtful additional safety feature that sets them apart from other blankets. These elements increase the surfaces that reflect light, making them a crucial part of safety equipment. They reflect light from vehicles, lampposts, and other light sources, drawing even more attention to your horse from road users. These additional elements on the blanket are an effective complement to the LED lighting.

Custom fit and comfort

We understand how crucial a perfect fit is for your horse's well-being. That's why our riding blanket features an innovative front closure with elastic inserts, allowing for a custom fit to your horse's shape, ensuring the blanket stays securely in place. Your horse enjoys maximum freedom of movement while being protected from external elements.

Revolutionary LED horse blankets

However, the benefits of our LED horse blankets are not limited to safety alone. We've also considered your horse's comfort. The material of our blankets is not only durable and weather-resistant but also breathable to ensure your horse stays dry and comfortable. The soft inner lining adds extra comfort, and the innovative front closure mechanism makes it easy to put on and take off. Your horse will love the LED horse blanket, as it not only offers optimal protection but also ensures the highest level of comfort and freedom of movement. Welcome to the future of riding, where safety and comfort come together in a single horse blanket.

Environmentally-friendly sustainability

At SUNRIDE, we not only prioritize the safety and comfort of your horse but also the environment. Our LED horse blankets are not only long-lasting but also eco-friendly. The LEDs consume minimal energy, and the Eremit Battery is rechargeable, contributing to reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, we use sustainable materials in the production of our blankets to minimize our ecological footprint. With SUNRIDE LED horse blankets, you can not only enhance your horse's safety and comfort but also contribute to environmental conservation.