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black leather jumping boots with protection layer and elastic straps and black leather bells boots in a set by sunride boots

brown dressage leather boots from leather and neoprene inside with elastic velcro closures and matching leather and neoprene bell boots

brown leather jumping boots with protection layer and elastic straps and high brown leather fetlock boots in a set by sunride
reflecting black travel boots with reinforced hoof area in a set of 4 by sunride


Innovative Leg Protection for Horses: Quality, Versatility, and Protection in One


Our leg protection sets for horses combine outstanding quality, innovative materials, and a wide range of protection options to meet the individual needs of every rider. Each set has been developed with the highest precision and care to ensure optimal protection for the sensitive legs of the horse.

Diverse Options: Fetlock Boots, Bell Boots, Fetlock and Tendon Boots, and More

The diversity of our leg protection sets reflects the different requirements of various equestrian disciplines. Whether fetlock boots with bells for a harmonious sound, fetlock boots with tendon boots for dynamic movements, or dressage boots with matching bells for elegant performances—each set offers specific protective features to meet the unique challenges of every riding Situation.

Material Quality: Durable Materials for Demanding Use

A central aspect of our leg protection sets is the use of high-quality materials. Robust, durable fabrics ensure not only long-term use but also provide effective protection against impacts and injuries. The precise craftsmanship and careful selection of materials are in line with our commitment to the highest Quality.

Precision Fit: Customized Protection for Every Horse

We understand that every horse is unique. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the precision fit of our leg protection sets. By considering different sizes and shapes of horse legs, we ensure that the protection is not only effective but also offers the highest level of comfort. An optimally fitting set is the key to a successful and safe riding experience.

Stylish Design: Aesthetic Meets Functionality

In addition to the highest quality, versatility, and precision fit, our leg protection sets also emphasize stylish design. The aesthetics of the sets not only highlight the elegance of the horse but also reflect the taste and personality of the rider. Whether classic, modern, or avant-garde—our sets offer a wide selection of designs to cater to individual styles.