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reflecting black travel boots with reinforced hoof area in a set of 4 by sunride


Horse Transport Boots: Protection and Comfort During Travel


Whether for short trips to the nearby riding arena or long journeys to tournaments and events, our horse transport boots provide top-notch protection and support for your horse's well-being during travel.

Optimal Fit and Support for Healthy Legs

Our horse transport boots are carefully designed to ensure an optimal fit and functionality. Made from durable materials, they offer effective cushioning and support to minimize shocks and falls during transport. The boots are designed to safeguard your horse's delicate legs and joints from potential injuries and pressure points.

Excellent Visibility Thanks to Reflective Elements

A noteworthy feature we are proud to highlight is the reflective elements attached to our horse transport boots. Safety is our utmost priority, especially when it comes to transporting horses in poor lighting conditions or darkness. The reflective elements on the boots enhance the visibility of the horse and the transport vehicle, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and collisions. These innovative details ensure that other road users can recognize your horse in a timely manner, which is essential for a smooth and safe journey.

Durability through Leather Reinforcement in the Hoof Area

To further enhance the durability and protection of the horse transport boots, they come equipped with special leather reinforcement in the hoof area. The hoof area is particularly susceptible to wear and pressure during transport, especially when the horse is standing or moving in the trailer. The leather reinforcement forms a robust barrier that shields the heavily stressed area, preserving it from wear and tear. This leather reinforcement not only provides added protection against abrasion but also adds an appealing aesthetic and a certain sturdiness to the boots. The high-quality leather contributes to the longevity of the boots, ensuring they can withstand the demands of long-distance travel and various conditions. By combining cushioning, support, and leather reinforcement in the hoof area, our horse transport boots offer a well-thought-out design that maximizes both comfort and durability for your horse during the journey.

Convenient Tabs on the Velcro Closure for Effortless Opening and Closing

We place great emphasis on the user-friendliness of our horse transport boots, and therefore, they are equipped with innovative tabs on the Velcro closure. These additional tabs are designed to make opening and closing the boots even easier and more effortless. Especially when it comes to quickly putting on or removing the boots, these tabs are extremely practical. The tabs provide a firm grip, allowing you to easily release or secure the Velcro closure, even when wearing gloves or when speed is of the essence in hectic moments. This is particularly useful when you need to care for your horse before or after a long journey, without wasting time struggling with the closure. The integration of these thoughtful details turns putting on the boots into a straightforward task that saves you valuable time and energy. These small yet significant improvements make dealing with the horse transport boots a stress-free and pleasant experience, both for you and your horse.

Why Use Horse Transport Boots?

The well-being and safety of your horse are of paramount importance, especially during transport. Horse transport boots are essential equipment that helps minimize the risk of injuries and discomfort during travel. During transport, sudden movements, vibrations, and shocks can pose a threat to your horse's sensitive legs and joints. Transport boots provide additional cushioning and support to counteract these stresses and prevent injuries. Moreover, transport boots protect the legs from potential contact injuries due to friction or collisions with the transport vehicle or other objects inside the trailer. They can also help keep dirt, dust, and moisture at bay, keeping your horse's legs dry and clean during the journey. Overall, horse transport boots offer a cost-effective way to protect your horse's health and well-being during transport. Invest in high-quality boots to ensure your horse endures every journey as comfortably and safely as possible.