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Innovative Genuine Leather Saddle Girths: Blending Traditional Values with Modern Technology


Within this versatile selection of saddle girths, you'll discover a wide range of options that ensure both the comfort of the horse and the rider's safety. We provide high-quality saddle girths in various designs to cater to the individual needs and preferences of every rider.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Our saddle girths are specially designed to offer maximum comfort to the horse. They are anatomically shaped, taking into account the horse's movements during riding. The soft padding and the use of breathable materials minimize friction and pressure points, resulting in a pleasant feel for the horse. A well-fitting saddle girth contributes to the horse's relief and allows for freer movements.

Safety and Stability

Rider safety is of paramount importance. Our saddle girths are equipped with high-quality closures and buckles that ensure a reliable attachment of the saddle. Double elastic straps or rubber inserts enable an even distribution of pressure and facilitate the horse's breathing during movement. Secure saddle attachment is crucial to prevent accidents and uncomfortable slipping during riding.

Adaptability to Various Disciplines

Whether it's dressage, show jumping, or versatility riding – our selection of saddle girths covers different riding disciplines. Depending on the requirements of your riding activities, you'll find saddle girths with different lengths, shapes, and functions. This allows riders to choose the perfect saddle girth for their specific discipline, thus achieving the best possible performance.

Dressage Girth: Elegance and Precision for Dressage Perfection

The dressage girth goes beyond being a functional accessory - it embodies the art of dressage riding. Specially designed to meet the demands of this challenging discipline, the dressage girth offers an outstanding balance between comfort and precision. Every movement of the horse is meticulously monitored in dressage, with the dressage girth playing a crucial role. Crafted from high-quality genuine leather that gently molds to the contours of the horse, the dressage girth ensures optimal pressure distribution and minimizes discomfort. It enables unrestricted freedom of movement and ensures a close connection between rider and horse. Whether on the path to the piaffe, passage, or pirouette – the dressage girth is an indispensable companion for riders aiming for perfection in dressage.

Jumping Girth: Safety and Support for Peak Performance in the Course

The jumping girth, also known as the stud guard girth or belly guard girth, is a versatile and essential accessory for riders who embrace the captivating challenge of show jumping. This specialized girth serves multiple vital purposes, ensuring both rider safety and the horse's well-being. The jumping girth effectively prevents the saddle from slipping during dynamic jumps and rapid direction changes in the course. Its robust construction and careful padding provide the horse with protection against friction and pressure points. Additionally, the belly guard adds extra saddle stability, distributing pressure evenly over a larger area. With the jumping girth, riders can confidently focus their full attention on executing the perfect sequence of jumps, thus achieving peak performance in the course.

Standard Saddle Girth: Reliable Foundation for Comfort and Safety

The standard saddle girth is an essential component of riding equipment, forming a sturdy foundation for riders and horses embarking on explorative journeys together. Serving as a versatile and proven companion, the long girth ensures a dependable connection between saddle and horse, ensuring the comfort of the animal and the stability of the rider. Crafted from durable genuine leather, this girth evenly distributes pressure over a larger area, minimizing uncomfortable pressure points. The adjustable buckles allow for individual customization to the horse's anatomy, while the robust construction ensures a secure saddle attachment. This saddle girth is a tried-and-true choice for riders seeking a solid, comfortable, and secure solution to enjoy their shared adventures.

In our extensive category of saddle girths for horses, you'll find the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and design. We take pride in offering high-quality saddle girths that cater to the needs of riders and their horses.