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Fly Sheets with Increased Freedom of Movement for Your Horse


High-quality fly sheets specially designed to protect your horse from annoying insects and flies. With a fly sheet, you ensure not only the well-being of your horse but also a relaxed and stress-free time in the stable or on the pasture. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with an overview of the different types of fly sheets and their benefits.

Fly Sheets for the Stable

If your horse spends a lot of time in the stable, fly sheets are an ideal choice to protect it from insect bites and irritations. These sheets are made of breathable material and provide a good fit. They not only protect against flies but also mosquitoes and other biting insects. Additionally, they feature belly straps and leg straps to ensure a secure fit and prevent slipping. Furthermore, some fly sheets are equipped with additional UV protection to safeguard your horse from harmful sun rays.

Fly Sheets with Detachable Neck Cover

Our fly sheets come with a detachable neck cover, providing comprehensive protection for the entire horse's body. These sheets are particularly convenient as they cover the neck, back, and body of the horse. The seamless connection between the sheet and neck cover prevents flies and insects from entering. They also offer additional UV protection for sensitive areas of the skin. This type of fly sheet is ideal for horses that are prone to insect bites or suffer from allergies.

Fly Sheets for Sensitive Horses

For horses with sensitive skin, our fly sheets feature special characteristics. These sheets are made of exceptionally soft materials that minimize irritations and help prevent skin issues. They have additional fleece along the spine to provide extra comfort.

Fly Sheets for Transportation

A specialized fly sheet for transportation is an excellent choice to protect your horse from annoying insects during the journey. These sheets are designed to fit tightly against the horse's body and offer a good fit to prevent slipping during transport. They are made of lightweight, breathable material that protects the horse from flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Such a transport sheet not only shields against bites and irritations but can also help reduce your horse's restlessness and stress during the journey. This way, you can ensure that your horse travels in a pleasant and relaxed environment. The soft fabric on the back prevents the muscles from cooling down when the horse sweats during the journey.

Fly sheets are an indispensable accessory for horses to protect them from annoying insects and flies. The selection of fly sheets in our category allows you to find the perfect sheet for your horse's individual needs. Whether in the stable, on the pasture, or on the go, a high-quality fly sheet provides protection and comfort for your horse, ensuring a pleasant time outdoors.