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Winter Blankets for Horses - Maximum Warmth and Comfort


Winter is a demanding season for horses kept outdoors. To ensure their health and well-being, high-quality winter blankets are essential. These blankets not only provide protection against the harshest weather conditions but also create an insulating barrier that allows horses to move freely despite the cold temperatures. In this category, we offer a diverse selection of winter blankets with different fill weights, including 250g and 450g, as well as the option to combine with underblankets of 150g and 300g.

Versatile Fill Weights for Individual Protection

Our winter blankets for horses are available in various fill weights to meet your horse's individual needs. For milder winter days, we offer 50g blankets that provide light insulation to protect against wind and light precipitation. For cooler days and nights, our 250g blankets are ideal for ensuring sufficient thermal insulation. When temperatures drop significantly, our 450g blankets provide maximum warmth to keep your horse protected even in the coldest conditions.

Layering Options for Ultimate Protection

To ensure customized protection, we offer the option to combine our winter blankets with underblankets. Our 150g underblankets are perfect for providing additional insulation underneath a 250g or 450g blanket without overheating your horse. On especially cold days or for more sensitive horses, our 300g underblankets offer extra thick insulation to enhance the thermal performance of the 450g blankets.

Quality and Comfort in Focus

Our winter blankets are carefully crafted from high-quality materials that are not only heat-insulating but also breathable to prevent moisture buildup beneath the blanket. The blankets are designed to conform to the horse's body shape and allow maximum freedom of movement. Adjustable closures and straps ensure a secure fit, while soft interior linings and paddings provide additional comfort. For horses between two sizes or with a broader build, an additional chest expansion piece is optionally available.

Robustness Meets Durability

Constructed with a high-quality 1200D fabric, these winter blankets are not only visually appealing but also extremely durable. The fabric is designed to withstand the demands of everyday horse life, whether it's playing in the paddock or leisurely strolling in the stall. This blanket is engineered to last and provide your horse with the best protection over multiple winters.

Visibility for Maximum Safety

The reflective elements on these winter blankets are a thoughtful safety feature that sets them apart from other blankets. When leading your horse outside in the paddock or on walks, the reflective elements ensure it remains visible even in poor lighting conditions. This minimizes the risk of accidents and provides you with the reassuring feeling that your horse is well-protected at all times of the day.

Optional Neck Cover for All-Around Protection

Our stable blankets offer you the option to effortlessly attach an optional neck cover, providing your horse with all-around protection from the elements. The neck cover complements the blankets perfectly and covers your horse's sensitive neck area, shielding it from wind and cold. The neck cover is easy to attach to the winter blankets while still allowing sufficient freedom of movement for your horse to continue moving unhindered.

In our winter blanket category, you'll find a wide range of options to ensure your horse is optimally protected during the coldest months of the year. The selection of different fill weights and the option to combine with underblankets allow you to find the perfect combination for your horse's individual Needs.