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Horse Blanket Sets: Tailored Protection for Every Weather and Need


Welcome to our exclusive collection of horse blanket sets, carefully curated to provide optimal protection for your horse in any conceivable weather condition. Our sets consist of various combinations of rain blankets, winter blankets, underblankets, and neck covers to meet the individual needs of your horse.

Winter Blanket 250g with Underblanket 150g: Cozy Warmth for Cold Winters

This set not only provides warmth but also flexibility. The winter blanket with 250g filling ensures cozy warmth, while the 150g underblanket offers additional insulation. The benefits of this set are particularly evident on mild winter days when a too heavy blanket is unnecessary. Clipped horses benefit from this combination, being protected from the cold without overheating.

Winter Blanket 250g with Underblanket 300g: Maximum Warmth for Icy Days

For extremely cold winter days, the combination of a winter blanket with 250g filling and a 300g underblanket is the ideal choice. These blankets not only offer comprehensive protection against the cold but are also durable and long-lasting. The advantages of this combination are particularly apparent in clipped horses that require intensive insulation to shield themselves from the icy temperatures.

Winter Blanket 250g with Underblanket 150g and 300g: Adjustable Warmth for Changing Weather

The special strength of this set lies in its adaptability. The winter blanket with 250g filling can be combined with either the 150g or 300g underblanket as needed. This makes the set ideal for changing weather conditions. On mild days, the light underblanket provides sufficient protection, while the thicker underblanket can be added as temperatures drop.

Winter Blanket 450g with Underblanket 150g: Extreme Protection for Bitterly Cold Days

For bitterly cold days when temperatures are well below freezing, this set with a winter blanket featuring 450g filling and a 150g underblanket is the ultimate choice. The extremely high insulation power of this set ensures that your clipped horse stays warm even on the coldest winter nights. Durable materials guarantee long-lasting functionality.

Winter Blanket 450g with Underblanket 300g: Cozy Warmth in Freezing Temperatures

The winter blanket with 450g filling, combined with a 300g underblanket, provides cozy warmth that withstands freezing temperatures. Clipped horses benefit from this highly insulating combination, ensuring a comfortable feeling even in bitterly cold weather. The durable construction of these blankets also ensures a long-term investment in your horse's well-being.

Winter Blanket 450g with Underblanket 150g and 300g: Maximum Flexibility for Winter

The combination of a winter blanket with 450g filling and the 150g or 300g underblankets offers maximum flexibility. Depending on the weather conditions, you can adjust the insulation individually. This makes your horse well-prepared for changing winter conditions. This flexibility makes this set particularly practical and versatile.

Winter Blanket 450g with Neck Cover 250g: All-Around Warmth for Neck and Body

The sensitive neck area requires special attention in winter. This set combines a winter blanket with 450g filling and a neck cover with 250g to ensure comprehensive warmth for your horse's entire body. Clipped horses, in particular, will benefit from this additional protective layer. The high-quality construction guarantees not only optimal protection but also a long lifespan.

Recommendation: For clipped horses, we recommend using the horse blanket sets from temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius. For unclipped, old, and sick horses, the sets should be used from 5 degrees Celsius. These guidelines may vary depending on the individual sensitivity and activity level of the horse.