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Care Products for Horses: Natural Herbal Power for Health and Shine


In the category of care products for horses, we offer a wide range of premium grooming products, all based on the powerful effects of natural herbs. These products have been carefully formulated to promote the health, well-being, and beauty of your horse. From shampoo to skin oil, hoof oil, cooling gel, and warming gel – each formulation has been developed to meet your horse's individual needs and ensure holistic care.

A Shampoo with Cedarwood, Pomegranate, and Oat Kernel: For Shine and Purity

Our shampoo harnesses the powerful properties of cedarwood, pomegranate, and oat kernel to provide gentle yet thorough cleansing. Cedarwood soothes the skin and promotes a healthy coat, while pomegranate offers antioxidant benefits for skin health. Oat kernel extract provides soothing and moisturizing effects to relieve dry and irritated fur.

  • Experience the Natural Beauty with us: Our mission at SUNRIDE is to promote and preserve the natural beauty of your horse. We proudly present our shampoo, which creates a harmonious blend of natural botanical ingredients to soothe, nourish, and thoroughly cleanse the skin and coat. This unique shampoo imparts a silky shine to your horse's hair without removing the valuable natural oils essential for skin and hair health and vitality.

  • A Fragrant Journey of the Senses: Immerse yourself in the world of aromatic indulgence with our exclusive blend of fragrances. After using our shampoo, your horse will leave a subtle yet enchanting scent that invigorates the senses and exudes an aura of freshness and purity.

  • The Magic of Nature in Every Bottle: Our formula contains a carefully selected range of highly effective ingredients that support your horse's beauty from within. Cedarwood and pomegranate work in harmony to stimulate hair growth and improve hair thickness. At the same time, they promote circulation and help restore skin moisture. Chamomile and oats provide soothing effects and relieve itching, while keratin, panthenol, and glycerin make the hair supple and reconstruct its structure.

  • Natural. Effective. Unparalleled: At SUNRIDE, we harness the power of nature to create grooming products that are not only effective but also promote your horse's well-being. With our shampoo, you'll experience the symbiosis of nature and science, rewarding your horse with a radiant exterior and a harmonious interior.

A Skin Oil with St. John's Wort, Neem Oil, Rosemary, and Olive Oil Extract: Support for Sensitive Skin

Our skin oil combines the healing properties of St. John's Wort, neem oil, rosemary, and olive oil extract to optimize the care of your horse's skin. St. John's Wort provides soothing and regenerative effects, while neem oil possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary promotes circulation and supports skin health, while olive oil extract moisturizes and keeps the skin supple.

  • Natural Healing with Our Herbal Healing Oil: The care your horse deserves: In the world of horse care, there are moments when gentle and natural healing is required. That's exactly what our Herbal Healing Oil was created for – an oasis of relief for minor skin irritations, burns, cuts, wounds, rashes, and abrasions. This exceptional healing oil unleashes the power of nature to support your horse's recovery and provide revitalizing care.

  • The Magic of Natural Ingredients: Our formula is based on a rich concentration of bioactive plant substances and unsaturated fatty acids that combat harmful microorganisms and effectively prevent infections. As the healing power of nature takes its course, the oil forms a delicate protective film that keeps wounds clean and preserves the skin from harmful influences.

  • For Faster Recovery and Resilience: Our skin oil is designed to shorten healing time by maintaining a moist environment – a crucial factor for rapid recovery. As the healing process progresses, the oil protects the newly forming tissue from damage and provides optimal conditions to promote regeneration.

  • A Trustworthy Companion on the Path to Health: With our skin oil, you have a trustworthy companion by your side to preserve the natural beauty and health of your horse. Whether dealing with minor irritations or small injuries, this healing oil is a gentle and effective solution for a variety of skin issues. Experience the harmony of nature and care, and give your horse the attention and love it deserves.

A Lotion with Calendula, St. John's Wort, and Carrot Oil: For Supple Skin

Our lotion utilizes the soothing properties of calendula, St. John's wort, and carrot oil to keep your horse's skin supple. Calendula has a calming effect and promotes skin regeneration, while St. John's wort acts as an anti-inflammatory and supports skin health. Carrot oil delivers essential nutrients and vitamins to nourish and revitalize the Skin.

  • Soothing Care with the Itch Fighter: Gentle Relief for Itchy Skin in Horses: When nature shows its gentle side, the Itch Fighter can be the salvation for your horse. Our effective yet gentle lotion has been specially designed to alleviate itchy and inflamed skin in horses caused by unwanted insect bites, allergies, hives, or the pesky sweet itch.

  • A Sanctuary for Stressed Skin: Our lotion is more than just a lotion – it's a comfort for your horse. The intense itching often associated with skin irritations is effectively combated, bringing immediate relief and enabling long-term recovery. This soothing lotion helps prevent infections and minimize further irritations while regenerating damaged skin and allowing it to recover.

  • Complete Care for Skin and Coat: Attention to detail is evident in every aspect. This lotion has been carefully formulated to combat excessive dandruff, stimulate hair regrowth, soothe dry skin, and provide moisture. Moreover, it strengthens and nourishes your horse's healthy skin, giving them a radiant and healthy appearance.

  • Precision without Chaos: With our precise nozzle, applying our lotion becomes child's play. No more worries about messy waste or stains. A Promise of Comfort and Care: The Itch Fighter is not just a lotion; it's a promise of comfort and care for your cherished animals. With its advanced formula and diverse benefits, it offers the solution your horse needs to manage itchy skin problems.

A Hoof Oil with Hoof Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Neem Oil: Strengthening Hooves and Preventing Infections

Our hoof oil utilizes the strengthening and protective properties of hoof oil, tea tree oil, and neem oil to promote hoof health. Hoof oil strengthens hooves and supports their elasticity, while tea tree oil possesses antiseptic properties and protects against infections. Neem oil promotes regeneration and maintains hoof structure.

  • Top-Level Hoof Care with Our Hoof Oil: The Key to Strength and Shine: When it comes to hoof care, our hoof oil is the secret to healthy and impressive hooves. This highly concentrated blend of over 10 carefully selected ingredients works in harmony to restore and support healthy and flexible hooves. At the same time, it forms a breathable moisture barrier that keeps moisture balance in optimal harmony.

  • Natural Protection for the Foundation: Our hoof oil is more than just a grooming product – it's a shield for your horse's foundation. With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it helps keep infections at bay and promotes horn growth. Whether in wet or dry conditions, our hoof oil is a reliable companion in every season, ensuring your horse's hooves remain strong, resilient, and healthy.

  • Easy and Effective Care: Hoof care shouldn't be a cumbersome process. Our hoof oil is easily absorbable and leaves no annoying drops. Simply apply and relax while natural magic takes its course. It's suitable for all hoof colors and provides hooves with long-lasting shine that captures attention.

  • A Promise of Beauty and Strength: With our hoof oil, you're making a promise for the beauty and strength of your horse's hooves. Give them the shine they deserve while offering a natural shield that protects them from the challenges of everyday life.

A Cooling Gel with Arnica, St. John's Wort, and Horse Chestnut: Cooling Relief after Strain

Our cooling gel uses the refreshing properties of arnica, St. John's wort, and horse chestnut to provide cooling relief to your horse after strenuous activity or strain. Arnica reduces swelling and inflammation, while St. John's wort soothes and revitalizes. Horse chestnut supports circulation and promotes recovery of strained muscles.

  • Ultimate Refreshment with Our Cooling Gel: Natural Care for Invigorated Legs: In the world of equestrian sports, peak performance is essential, and our cooling gel offers the perfect solution for the needs of tired muscles and limbs. With a unique combination of soothing herbal extracts from Arnica Montana, St. John's wort, and horse chestnut, this versatile gel provides refreshing relief. Accompanied by the cooling breeze of menthol, it alleviates irritations, itching, and burning, giving your horse a sense of relaxation and relief.

  • The Care the Body Deserves: Our cooling gel is more than just a product – it's a testament to our dedication to your horse's care. After competitions, intense training sessions, or stressful days of travel, it offers a quick and effective way to cool and soothe muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This natural wonder works against fatigue and stiffness, ensuring pain relief and soothing swollen legs.

  • The Freshness of Nature in Every Application: The unique formula of our cooling gel combines the power of Mother Nature with scientific expertise. High-quality active ingredients work harmoniously to tackle the challenges of your horse's active lifestyle. Whether after a demanding competition or an intense training session, our cooling gel offers the natural care your horse's body deserves.

  • A Promise of Revitalization and Well-Being: With our cooling gel, you're giving your horse more than just a care treatment. You're giving it a revitalizing break and a sense of well-being that encompasses both body and mind. Experience the powerful refreshment and natural energy that our cooling gel provides, and gift your horse the joy of recovery and revitalization.

A Warming Gel with Arnica and St. John's Wort: Soothing Warmth for Tired Muscles

Our warming gel harnesses the warming properties of arnica and St. John's wort to relax and soothe tired muscles. Arnica promotes circulation and relieves tension, while St. John's wort provides comforting warmth and loosens the muscles.

  • Soothing Warmth with Our Warming Gel: The Energy Source for Radiant Muscles: The harmony of arnica and St. John's wort unfolds in our highly effective warming gel to create a deep, soothing warmth. Applied before each workout, it unleashes its profound effects, offering relief to back tension, contractions, and muscle stiffness. This exceptional warming effect enhances performance in every training activity and optimally prepares the body for upcoming challenges.

  • Natural Healing Power for Muscles and Mind: Our warming gel is more than just a grooming product – it's a source of natural healing for your horse's body and mind. The therapeutic plant extracts of arnica and St. John's wort not only provide pain relief but also address stress points, cracks, and inflammations. A massage with this potent gel provides not only physical relief but also mental relaxation for your horse.

  • Preparation for Performance and Flexibility: Our warming gel plays a crucial role in preparing for successful training. Applied before each training session, it stimulates blood circulation, invigorates muscles, and enhances flexibility. Especially for limited joint mobility due to arthritis, the unique formula proves to be an invaluable tool. With repeated use over an extended period, it sustainably promotes muscle and joint flexibility.

  • A Promise of Vibrancy and Vitality: With our warming gel, you bestow upon your horse a holistic experience of vibrancy and vitality. Each application is a promise of pain relief, flexibility, and mental serenity.

Our horse care products have been carefully formulated to support the natural beauty and health of your beloved animal. Each product offers a unique combination of herbs tailored specifically to the needs of horses, achieving optimal results. Pamper your horse with the power of nature and provide the care it deserves.