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optional additional second eremit battery for all heating rug st. moritz by sunride


Heat at the Touch of a Button: Our unique and innovative Horse Heating Blanket


Welcome to our innovative heating blanket for horses - a groundbreaking product that combines supreme comfort and advanced technology in perfect harmony. Our aim is not only to offer warmth and coziness but also to ensure that your beloved horse is always optimally cared for, regardless of the external conditions. Whether on chilly days or as an essential companion before and after training, our heating blanket sets new standards.

Three-Stage Heat Regulation for Individual Needs

One of the outstanding features of our heating blanket is the three-stage heat regulation. This revolutionary feature allows your horse to adjust the heat supply according to its individual needs. With three different heat levels to choose from, you can set the ideal temperature to make sure your horse neither freezes nor overheats. The red level provides intense, cuddly warmth, perfect for icy winter days or as an ideal preparation for your training. The orange level offers comfortable medium heat, supporting post-intensive training recovery, while the yellow level provides gentle warmth for longer, cozy stable times. Alternatively, you can activate all three heat levels in a predefined program to provide your horse with the utmost comfort. This versatility makes our heating blanket the perfect choice to ensure your horse's comfort in all situations.

Eremit Battery for Outstanding Performance and Safety

The centerpiece of our heating blanket is undoubtedly the innovative Eremit battery. This battery comes with several unique advantages. Its exceptionally long runtime allows your horse to enjoy soothing warmth for hours without frequent recharging. Moreover, the Eremit battery features intelligent overheating protection, ensuring it never gets too hot and harms your horse. Charging the battery is remarkably simple, either via the included charger or the connector located under the zipper, without the need to remove the battery from the blanket.

High-Quality Materials for Your Horse's Well-Being

Your horse's health and well-being are our top priority. That's why we've crafted our heating blanket from high-quality wool. Wool is not only soft and comfortable to wear but also known for its natural temperature-regulating properties. The blanket is breathable to ensure an optimal climate, while a specially designed insulated layer in the back area prevents cold spots. Cleaning the blanket is straightforward as it can be easily brushed off.

Optimal Fit and Safety

We understand the importance of the blanket securely and comfortably staying in place. Therefore, we've equipped our heating blanket with belly and leg straps to ensure it remains in position at all times, without slipping. The specially designed chest closure allows for easy adjustment and secure fastening, allowing your horse to move freely without disturbance.

Did you know that warmth increases blood circulation to the muscles and tissues in your horse's back area? This results in more oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscles while efficiently removing waste products like lactic acid. Our heating blanket helps relax muscles and release tension, which is particularly important if your horse experiences muscle tightness or stiffness before training. Relaxed muscles are less prone to injuries. Therefore, our heating blanket is not only a comfort product but also a significant contribution to your horse's health and performance. With our heating blanket, you can ensure that your horse is always in top form and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions.